The MEF2C cause reaches the Himalaya

The MEF2C cause reaches the Himalaya

Diego Miralles, cousin of Jesus, Celia´s dad, keeps amazing us and at the same time cheering us up with details like the one we show you today.

During this month, he and his team mates of ESPEMO have ended a very special expedition, for all that they have gone through and lived since they programmed it: the Ama Dablam expedition in Kathmandu, Himalaya.

It is a big gesture we will never forget that in a such a special moment, as it is to reach the top of the Island Peack (6180 m) and Ama Dablam (6956 m), after such a long journey, 22 days of acclimatization, lots of snow and wind , you remembered Celia and all the MEF2C children, showing our shirt.

Thank you very much Diego, these images make us feel very excited and give us energy to continue overcoming obstacles looking for our top, a treatment for those affected by the MEF2C Syndrome.

Thank you brave !!!!!!!