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We have a new place to find our solidarity bracelets! The children's bookstore El Dragon Lector, becomes a new collaborator, helping us with the sale of solidarity products and spreading our cause. Thank you very much Alejandra for not hesitating to join us. For all those who are in Madrid, you know, if you want to collaborate, you can go through the bookstore El Dragon Lector, 20, Sagunto Street (Madrid) #TheImpossibleIsJustMoreDemanding #WeLookForwardTogether


Last December 2 we were in Bartleby Bookshop (Valencia), in the presentation of the collection of poems "Isla Revisitada" (“Revisited Island”) edited by Fechas Atlanta with the beautiful illustrations by Elías Taño. A tribute to the poet Gloria Fuertes in the centenary of her birth, made by 10 poets: Alba Ceres Rodrigo, Sara Castelar Lorca, Carmen Juan, Guillermo Morales, Berta Garcia Faet, MrPerfume, Lucia Bosca, Ana Elena Pena, Carolina Otero and Luci Romero. The collection of poems will be available at...

La Asociación MEF2C en “Las Cosas del Querer Market”

El pasado 15 de diciembre estuvimos en Las Cosas del Querer Market. Muchas gracias Paqui por hacer siempre un hueco a la solidaridad en todo lo que organizas. Lo pasamos muy bien, disfrutando de la música de KECO FONTANA y en muy buena compañía con Maria José Arquimbau y las princesas Rett. ¡Gracias! #juntosmiramosalfuturo #loimposiblesolocuestamás

The CD Castellón team captain, Angel Dealbert, joins the challenge “100 x 100 with the MEF2C”

We continue advancing in our challenge. Today is Ángel Dealbert Ibáñez, player and team captain of the CD Castellón, who joins the challenge and shows us that he is 100x100 with the Mef2c and its research. Thank you Angel for your support and that of your family since we founded the association. And for showing you so affectionate with little Celia. Do you want to be the next?   #PPO #100x100retoMEF2C            (#100x100challengeMEF2C) #reto90                                   (#challenge90)

Solidarity Calendar MEF2C

One more year we have our solidary calendar 2018 organized by Sergio F. Fernandez of Redacción Atómica and Luis Nacher, Guillem´s dad. With the collaboration of Cerveza Turia, Sona la Dipu and VINILO VALENCIA. The donation price is 5 euros and they are entirely allocated to our association. The calendar groups are: Modelo de Respuesta Polar, Belako,GEM, Badlands, Dual,Los Invaders,Pastore,Indian Hawk, Mendizabal,Paco Mira, Mueveloreina andTin Robots. Thank you very much to all of you who have made it possible.   #juntosmiramosalfuturo     (#WeLookForwardTogether) #loimposiblesolocuestamás          (#TheImpossibleIsJustMoreDemanding)

New donation to the research of MEF2C Syndrome

Last December 11 we made a new donation of €18,000 to the research of MEF2C Syndrome that Dr. Lipton is developing in California. We make the transfers with more and more hope because we see our objective closer. Now we have already seen one of the treatments in mice published in a prestigious journal, now when he talks about a clinical trial he raises it as something close ... now we are more hopeful than ever and we fight...

Solidarity night in Vilafranca

Friday, December 8, 2017, will be a date for us to remember. At 9:00 pm, the doors of the Villafranca del Cid party hostel were opened to celebrate the NIT SOLIDÀRIA PEL MEF2C, and the great attendance of people made it small. Children, youngsters and elderly people from Vilafranca, around 600 people, with the same common goal: solidarity, joined in an evening when a magical atmosphere was breathed.   One undoubtedly special night because it meant the culmination of the work many...

Guillem’s birthday

Last December 8, Guillem turned 5 years old! He enjoyed the day very much surrounded by his family, with his little brothers who are a great support for our children and his friends. 5 years are not reached every day! Congratulations Guillem!! Go on sweetening the life of all those who know you.   #WeLookForwardTogether #TheImpossibleIsJustMoreDemanding


Last December 2, Lorena Fabregat Albesa, Celia's teacher, participated in the "II Pedagogical Renovation Conference". Making the most of her participation, she set up an information table where she was selling our solidarity Christmas CDs. We always say how lucky we are with the involvement of all the professionals who are with our children. In this case we feel really fortunate that Celia can go to a “cyl” (Communication and Language) classroom in an ordinary school, where she makes integrations in...

Thanks to Luna Saez, our website has an English version

From our Facebook, today we want to thank Luna Saez, she is a great friend of ours and has supported us unconditionally since we founded the association and with enthusiasm started this project. But in addition to all this, thanks to her the content of our website can be read in English. You can assume all the work that this requires and all the hours that Luna has devoted and devotes to our association, translating all the news and updates. We have...