Our Goal

The goal of this Association is to make public the Microdeletion syndrome 5q14.3-MEF2C , with the aim of raising funds for its research and being able to assist people affected by this rare disease, always within the channels of investigation. In order to achieve this goal, our Association requires maximum publicity, thus we develop various activities and charity events.

At present, there is a way of active research on gene MEF2C being developed in the laboratory of Dr. Stuart Lipton (University of San Diego, California). Dr. Lipton’s group is seeking treatment for this disease and its investigation is at a quite advanced stage, since two different medicines have proved to be effective on both mice with this syndrome and on human cell models.

In order to let this research advance to the next stage and these drugs be tested in humans, funding is needed. The hope that someday this treatment can be provided to our children MEF2C has encouraged us to raise funds and so this Association has been created. Therefore, all funds collected will go to the laboratory of Dr. Stuart Lipton, for being his investigation the only known today related to this disease.

With your help and participation, we will be able to get treatment for this rare disease in the future. Get yourself invlolved in this hopeful project helping to build a better future for our children MEF2C.