Celia meets Antonio Orozco

Celia meets Antonio Orozco

Last night was very special because Celia had the opportunity to spend a little time with Antonio Orozco. As we told you a few days ago, his music has been leaving a mark on our little girl helping her make great progress as taking her first steps.

It was very exciting to see how Celia kept looking at him with that smile of happiness, something that in these small children is complicated because they have a hard time keeping their eyes for a long time. In addition, we had the opportunity to tell him about our cause and how his music is capable of so many things. He was very affectionate and was interested in this project, so much that throughout the concert he wore our bracelet “The Impossible is Just More Demanding”. One of the most exciting moments of the night was when he dedicated a few words to us just before the song “My Hero”. Celia spent the concert hallucinated and smiling, and we were happy to see her that way.

Thank you Orozco for your support, your love and your music. You are an example of solidarity, because it is incredible the work you do in your project with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. We obviously want to thank the Junta de Fiestas de Castellon for making one of our dreams come true. Now let´s continue to pursue our most important goal, a treatment for MEF2C children. Thank you for so much love! In addition, today is celebrated the World Day of Down Syndrome and we also want to congratulate those brave ones who give us lessons every day.

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