Help us spread the Association

Your help is needed for the functioning of the Association. Although economic contribution is important, there are many other ways to help in this project.

We need people to support our cause, people that bring us new ideas and spread our website as far as they can. We need to count on you.

Link us to your website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, share all our news and talk to your friends about us. Any help, however small, will make us grow.

“We can not do great things, but small things with great love”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you will be up-to-date about our news. Also invite your friends to follow us and share everything we publish. By doing this, you’ll be helping our Association reach many people since today social networks play an important role. Follow us and cooperate with the Association MEF2C Association.

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Link us to your website

Another way to work with us and help to give maximum publicity to our Association is linking  us to your website. If you link us, you will be helping many people know the research which is being developed to treat our MEF2C children . In addition, if you wish, there may be a link exchange that will benefit both web pages.