Thank you Castellon!

Thank you Castellon!

After yesterday we can only say THANKS.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us with the preparations to be able to get everything out, without them it would not have been possible. Thanks to the city councilman Jose Luis López Ibáñez and to the City Council of Castelló de la Plana for giving up the venue. Thanks to the entities and companies that made so many contributions for the raffle, thanks to the Grup Scout Els Millars for the workshops that entertained the children, the Cultural Association of the Oxés de Ouro for the exhibition of capoeira, the Castellón Penitentiary II and Susana Miralles Moncho for the crafts elaborated with so much affection for its sale and Distribuciones Rosell for the donated drink. We also thank Aplison Servicios Audiovisuales for the sound equipment, Pekesport for the inflatables, Llaves Magician for their amazing show and the Iabadabadu group for making us jump, laugh, dance and sing.

And of course, THANK YOU to all the attendants for accompanying us on this path and collaborating with us. You do not know how important your support is to us. Our goal is closer and closer and when the day comes when the drug is a reality, you will have helped to make that happen.

The photos taken yesterday are worth a thousand words, but still, they cannot reflect the beautiful feelings that we had yesterday. We keep that inside and we will never forget it. Also, it was even more special yesterday because we were able to meet the Barcelona family who recently joined the MEF2C family with their brave little Alicia.

Among the photos we attach you can find the numbers of the prize raffle. Those of you who were not there during the draw, check them because there were some prizes not delivered and contact us if you have any of the numbers.


MEF2C Association

We look forward together.