A very intense and exciting weekend

A very intense and exciting weekend

Good evening! During this last weekend we have participated in different activities, in which we have had the opportunity to make our cause known and we have noticed the great support and collaboration of people. As you know, our goal is to raise funds for Dr Lipton’s research in California, because as this year’s World Rare Disease Day motto says, “Research is our Hope”.

On Saturday morning, the “Colla Altrahuet” showed that party and solidarity also walk hand in hand. Each year, this group of friends makes a donation to an association and this time they have chosen ours. Thank you from all our heart, you are a great example and it is a very nice way to instil values for the little ones of the ¨colla” (group).

In the afternoon, it was the Castellon tradition that joined solidarity in the “VII Dance Meeting of La Nova Escola”. There they raffled a labrador vest and a labradora skirt that we delivered at the end of the event, and the attendees collaborated buying our MEF2C products. Many thanks to Lorena Montañés and the whole team of La Nova Escola for being always with us and all the people whi came for such generosity.

To end this weekend of solidarity events, this morning we have been at the Sport Meetings Castellón with our stand. Thank you Ricardo Stasi Gato and Francisco Cabañero Catalán for this wonderful initiative that teaches the little ones other realities every weekend.

You cannot imagine the happiness we feel after these intense days in which we do not stop receiving your support and affection. We continue to fight with enthusiasm and strength!

MEF2C Association

We look forward together.