As you know, a week ago we had the pleasure of receiving the visit of Laura’s family. They did not hesitate to take the car from Toledo and set on a journey to the Eastern coast of Spain to meet first Guillem in Valencia and later Celia in Castellón, as well as their corresponding relatives.

It was a weekend full of emotions, since the definitive diagnosis of Laura was given just a few weeks ago, so for her parents meeting more people in their situation was very comforting. For the families of Guillem and Celia it was also a very beneficial meeting, since they could see the progress of Laura, who is a few years older than their children. We are happy to see how with effort and work these children get to achieve great things, being an example of daily improvement.

It is remarkable the attitude that the family of Laura has had since the very first moment they found us. They have trusted in this project and, like us, are placing all their hope and strength in it. We look forward together!


MEF2C Association

We look forward together