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Literary day in benefit of the MEF2C Syndrome

Next Saturday, December 2 at 12 noon at the Librería Bartleby ( Valencia) it will be presented the collection of poems "Isla Revisitada" edited by Fechas de Atlanta with the beautiful illustrations of Elías Taño. A tribute to the poetess Gloria Fuertes in the centenary of her birth, made by 10 poets: Alba Ceres Rodrigo, Sara Castelar Lorca, Carmen Juan, Guillermo Morales, Berta Garcia Faet, MrPerfume, Lucia Bosca, Ana Elena Pena, Carolina Otero and Luci Romero On Saturday the book [...]

The Kids & Us English school joins the 100×100 challenge with the MEF2C

We keep adding! There are many people who are 100x100 with us. The English school Kids & Us Lugo joins the challenge. In addition to English, they want to transmit to their students solidarity with MEF2C children and their families. Thank you very much, you are great professionals with great human quality.   #100x100retoMEF2C    #100x100 challenge MEF2C #reto92   #challenge92 #loimposiblesolocuestamas    #TheImpossibleIsJustMoreDemanding #juntosmiramosalfuturo   #WeLookForwardTogether

Our Association is present in the Marathon of Cuba

We want to share with all of you these images that Juan Carlos Sales sends us from the marathon in Cuba. Many of you remember us and make us present in different places. Thanks Juan Carlos because since we founded the association, you have supported us and have collaborated with us from your hair salon in Ares. This time you've also wanted to take us with you when practising one of your hobbies, running. #loimposiblesolocuestamas   #TheImpossibleIsJustMoreDemanding #juntosmiramosalfuturo   #WeLookForwardTogether

The player Matt Stainbrook joins the challenge 100 x 100 with the MEF2C

Today Matt Stainbrook, player of CLUB BALONCESTO BREOGAN SAD, joins the challenge. He´s a great player, not only for his height but also for his solidarity.Being solidary is a very important value in team sports and therefore CD Breogan has a solidary staff. Good luck team and keep adding victories to your track record! THANK YOU! #100x100retoMEF2C  #100x100 challenge MEF2C #reto91  #challenge91 #juntosmiramosalfuturo  #WeLookForwardTogether #loimposiblesolocuestamas  #TheImpossibleIsJustMoreDemanding

Villafranca del Cid keeps showing us its support and solidarity

From Villafranca del Cid we continue receiving samples of support and solidarity. This week we have had two clear examples of how the whole town has turned to us. On the one hand, the members of the Women Handball Club have wanted to make a donation in hand of Antonio Tena Vicente. And on the other hand Julio Mantero y Bea Triz, who organized last summer the Solidry Climb weekend, gave us the proceeds from that day. Thank you so [...]

The solidary CD MEF2C “One Look Forward” is here

We already have the solidary Christmas CD for the MEF2C! We were looking forward to having it in our hands and being able to listen to it. This project is the result of many months of preparation and work, but above all it is the result of the enthusiasm, solidarity and affection of a group of wonderful people, friends of Celia´s parents who, from the very first moment, did not hesitate to join this project. THANK YOU ! We also want [...]

Clínica Marzo Saúde joins the challenge 100 x 100 with the MEF2C

  Let's add one more participant to the 100x100 challenge with the MEF2C! Clínica Marzo Saúde of physiotherapy in Lugo, which is closely linked to sports, supports our cause with enthusiasm and has acquired the set of 100 bracelets to join such a hopeful challenge. Thank you very much for your solidarity, with your help we are closer to our longed-for treatment. Together we will get it! #100x100retoMEF2C   #100x100challengeMEF2C) #reto93   #challenge93) #JuntosMiramosAlFuturo   #WeLookForwardTogether) #LoImposibleSoloCuestaMás   #TheImpossibleIsJustMoreDemanding)

Ricardo Úriz joins the challenge “100×100 with the MEF2C”

Ricardo Úriz, point guard player of CLUB BALONCESTO BREOGAN SAD, joins the challenge "100x100 with the MEF2C". During our visit to Lugo, we were lucky enough to meet him and he was always very interested in our cause and very attentive to all of us, especially with Celia and her sisters. We are very happy to continue adding wonderful people to this challenge. Thanks Ricardo, great both athlete and person! #100x100retoMEF2C   (#100x100challenge MEF2C) #reto94   (#challenge94)

The MEF2C cause reaches the Himalaya

Diego Miralles, cousin of Jesus, Celia´s dad, keeps amazing us and at the same time cheering us up with details like the one we show you today. During this month, he and his team mates of ESPEMO have ended a very special expedition, for all that they have gone through and lived since they programmed it: the Ama Dablam expedition in Kathmandu, Himalaya. It is a big gesture we will never forget that in a such a special moment, as it [...]

Olympic champions join the challenge “100×100 with the MEF2C”

Today we tell you full of hope that the Olympic women's hockey champions of Barcelona 92 will join the 100x100 challenge with the MEF2C. We are really happy, 25 years ago we were excited to know they had got the Olympic triumph and now we felt very happy again when Eli Maragall contacted us and showed us their desire to collaborate. THANK YOU champions, you continue to be a great team and you demonstrate it with these actions. We are [...]