Let´s get 1,000 bracelets!

Let´s get 1,000 bracelets!

Today we want to tell you an initiative we are very excited about. The Breogan Basketball Club of our friend Salva Arco, a player we had the pleasure of personally meeting when his team played against TAU Castelló, has proposed the challenge of selling 1,000 solidarity MEF2C bracelets during next Friday’s derby, which will face in Lugo the local Breogan and the Coruña Básquet.

The sensitivity Salva has shown to our cause from the first moment he heard about it is incredible. The first gesture he had was donating us a club shirt signed by all the staff, and that shirt was raffled in the event that we did a few days ago on the occasion of the world day of rare diseases. Shortly after we had the pleasure to meet him during his visit to Castellon to play a league match. It was wonderful to feel the warmth of the whole team, they introduced themselves being athletes with great values. To make matters worse, after this special meeting, he decided to make a generous donation to our cause, which speaks for itself of his involvement in this project. And to move us even more deeply, he recently commented us the idea of performing this beautiful challenge we are telling you about today, a challenge that shows the support and affection that both Salva and his team have always shown towards us. Thank you!

Salva dedicates us these beautiful words that we want you to know: “When I sent the signed t-shirt to the family and saw how grateful they were I knew that something more had to be done, and when I met the family and the girl in Castellón I was not mistaken. They could not express more happiness and gratitude just by sending them a simple shirt. It was then when I understood that professional players and athletes need to be more involved with what surrounds us, and help within our possibilities to all those people who do not have the luck we have. That is why, for me, it is very important to be able to collaborate so that these children can someday have a “normal life”, and that money is not the only obstacle to it”

We are sure that Pazo Dos Deportes tomorrow will be filled to enjoy a great game of basketball between two great teams. In spite of the miles that separate us, we send you all our support and we want you to have a great party full of solidarity, since you will not only try to sell 1,000 MEF2C bracelets, but also different activities will be carried out in favor of ALUCEM. You are a great club! Congratulations on your great work! Thank you!

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